Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin carving time

Last night we carved the boys pumpkins that they got from the hayride at the Nature Preserve. These were by far the biggest pumpkins we have ever gotten from participating in an activity! Perfect for carving! The boys were all very anxious and had picked out their designs themselves. Blake was nervous about touching the pumpkin guts, but after seeing everyone else do it, he decided it wasn't so bad.

scooping the guts

checking out the inside

watching Daddy do his work

This pumpkin had already been scooped out, but they decided to put the guts back in and scoop it back out again. Parker was covered up to his elbows in pumpkin...he even had it in his hair!

Jacob's pumpkin

Blake's pumpkin

Parker's pumpkin
Daddy and the boys did a great job!

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